fdarkly (fdarkly) wrote,

Pokemon Wants

I'm willing to trade my items in the sales post for items in this wants list.
Priorty ranking from high to low.

Eevee wants:

Pokebox Umbreon coin (shiny silver version) I have the 2017 version but need 2014 original version, although the 2017 version is also marked as 2014, they're slightly different in the shade of silver. The original version is darker and has a glow to the surface.

Korean Pokemon Store Eeveelution can badge set (Bought Eevee, Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon and Sylveon. But won't mind getting another full set with original package.)

sleeping Eeveelution pins by Ohayou! clothing

Poketabi Eeveelution can badges (Eevee and Sylveon are "secret draws")

Pokebox Eeveelution clearfile (picture credit to sugar0coated)

Pokebox envelope and stickers

Pokebox mousepads (bought the upper left one)

various Pokebox envelopes

Pokebox stamps (have Eevee Flareon Espeon Umbreon Leafeon, will still buy multiples if price is ok)

Pokebox stickers

Pokebox Eevee coaster

ring and hair clip

Okinawa Eevee sticker (the green one) that comes randomly with the cookie box

2018 movie bromides

Credit card prize B5 pad (the one in the middle)

Sticker making set from Sylveon mascot promo

2015 USA Pokemon Center mug

It's demo 2015(?) ball pen (I bought it when it released, but the package was lost. VERY SAD!!!)

clipping figure with card (I already have one without card but its paint has been scratched)

Not sure what these are, maybe factory prototypes or factory rejects of the walky and canvas plush?
(update: bought the small "canvas" plush)

Pokemon Center stickers (bottom left one bought)

Eevee settei

Eevee poker card

2009 Eevee Collection tin with band-aids

Prize C plush and Last One prize plush (bought all metal charms already yeahhhhh)

Eevee TCG coin

SAZAC Eevee cap

Eevee vibrating plush

Eevee bobblehead figure (image from Eevee_kins)

Eevee figure from GEM Serena figure set


Other wants: (will consider buying depending on the price ONLY)

DX Lucario Pokedoll

Kimochi chat Lucario plush (MWT preferred)

Pokebox canine metal charms Houndoom set
(I bought a second Lucario set, and I'm willing to trade)

Tomy laying buizel plush

Pokedolls (TTO is fine): Sceptile, Swampert, Blaziken, Spheal) if I ever had the momey for all of them LOL

Pokebox Vulpix and Ninetails charms

Pokebox paper shopping bag

Pokebox Mareep line charms

Pokebox Mareep line can badge

Pokebox shopper(?)

Pokebox can badge(bottem left one only)

Pokebox bookmark

Pokebox t-shirt (left)

Pokebox clearfiles

Pokebox pillow case

Pokebox calendar 2012

DP 2008 clearfile
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