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Sold records

To keep my sales post clean, I've moved all the sold items here, for your reference.

===Under the cut are sold items====

Vulpix: $8 SOLD
Popplio: $6 4 SOLD
all others $5 2 each
Dedenne Hoothoot Snover Delibird sold

Pokebox toy story double layer clearfile NIP (only taken out to take picture): $7 SOLD

Eevee Jolteon Flareon Vaporeon Sylveon large notebooks: $3 each ALL SOLD
Eevee Espeon Umbreon small notebooks set of 3: $6 for the set or $2 each SOLD
Pikachu blue notebook: $3
Pikachu yellow notebook: $8 SOLD

My151 Eeveelution art print: $15 each Sold

large notebooks: $3 each Gengar, Snorlax sold

Jumbo 20 inch Pikachu plush w detached tag: $20 SOLD
tag is broken around the hole, see picture.

Pikachu mascot plush w floating cup holder: $8 SOLD

Charmander plush MWT: $10 SOLD
Shiny Mimikyu plush MWT: $10 SOLD
Bewear Pokedoll mascot MWT: $10 SOLD
Oricorio Pokedoll MWT: $10 SOLD

rare Klefki keyring new in package: $50 SOLD

very rare La Maison de Eievui Eeveelution ceramic mug: $50 shipped in US SOLD
There's a small crease on the package, the mug itself is new.

Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip 3 layer: $5 SOLD
Leafeon: $10 SOLD

2012 La Maison de Eievui stamps: $5.5 each $4 each, $6 for 2
(if you take the 3 left I can do $8 and send you the outer box)
(Tested and the ink still works, but there's some leakage on the edges, which is a common problem if you look at other ebay seller's pictures, they're 6 year old stamps.)
SOLD: all

Ditto figure SOLD
Vanillite $5
Trubbish $3

Treecko Hasbro beanie plush no tag (left): $2 SOLD
Treecko Hasbro fuzzy plush TTO: $5 SOLD

stamp holder with ink pad (top 3 pics) new in package: $8 SOLD
team magma team aqua pins: $5 SOLD
metal coins (used): $2 each (golden Heatran, Cresselia, Dusknoir, black Garchomp, silver Leafeon)
Eevee Jolteon Leafeon Flaron Sylveon tape: $2 SOLD
Eevee Espeon Umbreon Vaporeon Glaceon tape: $2 SOLD
Meowth Pokemon Shuffle tape: $1

All these cards below are SUPER tiny!!! About 1/4 of a pan sticker. All gone

1st row: Bulbasaur, Weedle, Clefairy, Meowth
2nd row: Mankey, Abra, Magnemite, Magneton(x2)
3rd row: Farfetch'd, Duduo, Krabby, Weezing
4th row: Rhyhorn, Rhydon(x2), Magmar, Porygon
5th row: Omastar, Kabuto, Mew

I have no idea what these are... Tiny battle cards?
1st row: Venusaur, Nidoran, Clefable(x2), Oddish
2nd row: Vileplume(holo x2), Parasect, Venomoth, Mankey
3rd row: Primeape, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam(x2)
4th row: Machamp, Bellsprout, Ponyta, Slowbro
5th row: Magneton, Farfetch'd, Duduo, Gastly
6th row: Haunter(x2), Gengar(x3), Onix

1st row: Drowzee, Hypno, Marowak(holo), Hitmonchan(holo)
2nd row: Rhyhorn(holo x1 non-holo x2), Chansey, Mr. Mime(holo), Jynx(x2)
3rd row: Electabuzz(x2), Magmar, Tauros, Porygon(holo)
4th row: Dragonair(x2), Dragonite(x2), Mewtwo(holo x1 non-holo x1), Mew

Ivysaur, Wigglytuff, Gloom, Poliwarth
Clefairy, Zubat, Mankey, Mewtwo, Mew

New year clearfiles set of 2: $3 SOLD

Pikachu tangerine clearfile: $2 SOLD

shedinja figure: $2 or free with other purchase
Slowpoke figure: $2 or free with other purchase
Omega Ruby Alpha Saphire Japanese pre-order bonus figures new in package: $3 each
Keldeo clear figure strap: $2 or free with other purchase SOLD
wooden clips: $1.5 each (Eevee not available)
rare Hori Eeveelution 3DS stylus: $50 SOLD

hanging figures: $5 3 each (Charmander, Eevee and Squirtle has been opened and re-taped by previous owner, I've never played with them)
SOLD: Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur

Pokemon Time Raichu pen: $10 SOLD
Pokemon Petit Raichu pencil: $10 SOLD
Deco tapes: $4 and $1 SOLD

SK Japan stained glass Eeveelution metal charms set of 10 in sealed box: $100 SOLD
(retail price was 8420 yen and it sold out very fast, the box weighs 1.1lb and shipping inside US will be approximately $14.5. I'm not splitting the set UNLESS all charms are claimed, group buy is welcome and I can do the shipping.)

extra charms:
Sylveon stained glass charm: $10 Sold
Leafeon stained glass charm: $10 SOLD

Gengar stainless bottle: $25 sold

Pokemon Center Reshiram 12.5 inch large plush MWT: $24 shipped in the US SOLD

Mew Pokemon Time tin: $5 SOLD
Meiji choco snack tin: $5 SOLD
Pokemon Petit tins: $3 each Froakie sold
Pikachu and Raichu stamps: $2 each SOLD

It's Demo Vulpix Ninetales puff sticker sheet: $15 each sold

Pokemon lab postcard: $2 SOLD
XY postcards: $1 each sold

Eevee clip-on purse: $12 Sold

Pokemon Cafe Eevee plate: $12 SOLD
(It has some imperfection like small marks on the edge of the ear and small scratches at several spots)

Twinkle Dream mirror NIP: blue $6, pink $8
Twinkle Dream pouch NIP: purple $6, pink $8 SOLD
Twinkle Dream big towel NIP: $20 SOLD

Pikachu in the farm printed cards: $4 each or $6 for both (purple one has small crease) SOLD

Espeon & Umbreon shopper: $15 SOLD
It has been folded by the previous owner and has been used.

Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary Eevee Campaign goods: take the lot $38 SOLD
OR Purchasing the A4 clear poster alone: $28
Second picture shows the pamphlet artwork. Eevee sun visor was folded by previous owner, see picture.
I also have an unfolded sun visor, but shipping it will be expensive, ask me if you're interested.

USED Eeveelution Nintendo eshop gift card (no money in the card!): $8 SOLD

Substitute large plush MWT: $20 SOLD

very rare Espeon Umbreon hourglass MIP: $100 shipped in US SOLD

Greninja charm: $8 SOLD
Pokemon sewing Pikachu wooden charm: $5 SOLD
Pikachu golden charm and metal charm: $1 each or free with other purchase SOLD
Gengar Pokemikke acrylic charm: $4 SOLD

Banpresto Eevee big fleece blanket NIP: $15 SOLD
Textile Design Kuji C prize Eeveelution bag NIP: $15 SOLD

It's Demo Eeveelution pen, mini note book and pouch (never used): $20 SOLD

Pikachu packets with stickers: $3 SOLD
Piplup coaster: $5 SOLD
Pikachu scren protector for iphone 5: $3 SOLD

Hot Topic Pikachu necklace: $3
Tokyo Pikachu charm: $8 4
movie Pikachu charm: $5 1
Pikachu reflective charm: $1
Showa notes Pikachu tiny note pad (20 sheets): $3
Pikachu small metal charm: $1
OR take as lot $8 All sold

Poketabi can badges
Octillery: $3
Pikachu: $3
Squirtle: $5
Vulpix: $9
All sold

Pikachu Eevee Sylveon 3DS card case NIP: $45 SOLD

EVs Eevee Cafe limited art book NIP: $40 SOLD
detailed pictures see HERE

Pokemon Time Eeveelution headphones: $80 SOLD
Like new condition. The original price was 7000 yen, and $80 is lower than original price plus international shipping!

Pokemon Time Alolan Vulpix mascot plush MWT: $16 SOLD

2018 Halloween Espeon acrylic charm: $14 or trade for Eevee SOLD

PCO large stickers $2 each SOLD: Lapras, Snorlax, Charizard
PCO clear postcards $1 each SOLD
PCO Geodude postcard: $0.5 SOLD
PCO Pikachu postcard: $1 SOLD
PCO Rotom postcard: $8 3 SOLD

Only Leafeon flower charms (multiples), Sylveon flower charms (multiples) left.

Glaceon custom mini plushes (artist unknown): $5 each SOLD

stickers: $2.5 for a set of 15 SOLD

Eeveelution pouch (bottom side has small cracks): $2 SOLD

My Little Tales pikachu swablu socks: $10 SOLD
Look upon the stars socks: $10 SOLD

Sentret Cherrim screen cleaner NIP: $14 SOLD

Eevee left: $12 8 SOLD
Eevee right: $10 8 (has small wrinkle on outer package, the clearfile itself is new) SOLD

Look upon the stars acrylic charms: $8 each

magnet tail rubber hooks: $18 $10 each SOLD

Pokemon Time Wailord: $10 8 SOLD

2006 Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig Pokedolls, Japanese, MWT but tags have some crease, see picture.
The white spot is reflection of light.
Toploaders will be included. $58 for the three, not splitting at the moment.

Banpresto relax time 25cm plush MWT
Jolteon: $12 10 SOLD
Flareon: $12 SOLD

BW clearfile (left): $3 SOLD
Gen 2 dex clearfile (middle): $3 SOLD
Mewtwo&Genesect movie mini clearfile: $1.5 SOLD

XY bromide cards:
$1 0.5 each
(These can be shipped in envelope internationally at a flat shipping rate of $1.5)

Rotom changing postcard (very thick, with plastic surface and paper backing): $15 SOLD
Pokemon with you postcard: $5 SOLD

Pokebox Leafeon Glaceon postcard: $4 SOLD
Eevee Showa Notes small notepad (very small): $8 SOLD
Pokemon Center Dessert Plate stickers set of 10: $2.5 SOLD

Pokemon Time plastic plate (never used): $15 13 SOLD

NWT Lifesize Eevee plush (sealed in package): $60 SOLD

Pokemon Center Eeveelution campus note books (7x10 inch): $6 4 each
all sold

Jolteon dex charm: $3 SOLD
Pikachu Easter masking tape NIP: $15 SOLD
"visit of spring" masking tape NIP (missing the round sticker on top): $10 8 SOLD

Tomy Pikachu TTO: $3 1 SOLD
Leafeon Kuttari awake JP MWT: $12 SOLD
Umbreon Kuttari sleeping JP MWT: $15 SOLD
Eevee Kuttari sleeping USA MWT: $10 SOLD

Korean 3rd Litten small coin purse MWT: $8 SOLD
Banpresto rare Growlithe mascot plush (no tag): $20 SOLD
Pokemon Center Japanese Alolan Vulpix mascot plush MWT: $12 SOLD

USA Keldeo Pokedoll TTO: $10 8 SOLD

Pokemon Center USA 2017 Valentine pins:
Pikachu $3 SOLD
Espeon Umbreon $5 each SOLD

Japanese magazine prize grey Pikachu pouch: $8 6 SOLD
7-11 point campaign BW movie Eeveelution Mewtwo Genesect holo sticker sheet: $5 SOLD

Pokemon Center USA Eeveelution greeting card: $3 each SOLD
(the black cards have small white dots here and there, I have 4 cards and all of them came to me like that)

Swablu&Altaria charms set: $10 8 SOLD
Wailmer&Wailord charms set: $10 5 SOLD

Pokemon-kana Eevee can badge: $10 SOLD
2013 Banpresto kuji Chibi Kyun Chara Eevee figure NIP: $10 SOLD
BW Eevee keychain figure clear version: $8 SOLD
Twinkle dream kuji Eevee rubber strap (no package): $5 SOLD

2012 Pokemon Center Eevee mascot plush TTO without keychain: $15 SOLD

rare out-of-stock Korean Pokemon Store Eeveelution sticker sheet: $25 $20 SOLD

Pokemon Center notebooks (7 x 10 inches):
Pikachu $2 SOLD
Snorlax $4 SOLD
Metamon $3 SOLD
Mimikyu $6 SOLD

Pikachu Pichu Cherrim Swablu note paper in box (didn't count how many but a LOT): $15 SOLD

XY Eevee metal key keychain: $16 SOLD

Poke Chummy Lucario TTO: $18 15 SOLD
Mega Lucario Pikachu: $22 19 SOLD

Eeveelution sticker sheet: $6 SOLD

Eevee Ippai figure: $8 SOLD
Eevee tea cup figure: $4.5 (has paint loss on neck tuff, see picture) SOLD

Pokemon Center Alolan Vulpix charm: $4 SOLD
Pokemon Center Alolan Vulpix coaster: $4 SOLD

BW movie Eeveelution pamphlet: $10 (2 available) SOLD
The cover is holo, lots of Eeveelution artwork in this small book, very beautiful!

Eevee Pokedoll sticker x10: $2 for one set (1 sets available) SOLD

Umbreon Pokedoll US 2010 MWT: $20 SOLD
Flareon Pokedoll US 2010 tag has small crease: $17 SOLD

Eeveelution Kuttari small zipper pouch NWT: $16 SOLD

Alolan Vulpix lip cream NIP: $20 SOLD

Koreon Eevee coin purse: $15 SOLD

Pokemon Center 2012 Eevee large tail
It's missing the keychain and rubber strap part, but absolutely legit.
I'm keeping the hang tag for myself.
$10 SOLD

Pikachu Easter 2017 sticker sheet: $9 SOLD

Mokuroh's garden note paper pad 40 piece: $10 SOLD

Pokemon Time Starly clearfiles set of 2 NIP: $12 10 SOLD

Umbreon JUMBO TCG card: $4 (need to go as first class packge because of the size)
Umbreon TCG coin: $3
Umbreon TCG pin: $3
OR take the lot for $8

rare Eeveelution card sleeves 1st edition pack of 32 (not splitting at the moment): $18 SOLD

Pokebox clearfile: $35 OBO
I've never seen one for sale since I joined the community and I'm not sure how much I should sell it for.
It came with some initial scratches because Pokebox shipped it without plastic packaging.
It has 4 pockets, really beautiful and hard to find now.

Korean Pokemon Center Pikachu holo can badge (was given as gift and not sold in store): $8 SOLD
Korean Pokemon Center Pikachu stickers (were given as gifts and not sold in store): $3 each SOLD

Substitute charm: $8 SOLD
Ichiban Kuji Pikachu tassel NIP: $8 5 SOLD

Swablu butt plush MWT: $10 SOLD
Altaria Petit plush MWT: $10 SOLD
Swablu & Altaria 2012 dex charms: $8 SOLD

Pokemon Center male Meowstic plush (no tag): $8 SOLD
Pokemon Center Espurr plush USA TTO: $10 SOLD
Pokemon Center female Meowstic plush TTO: $10 SOLD

USA Chespin Pokedoll TTO: $10 8 SOLD

My little tales 2013 pair Pikachu magnetic keychain plush TTO (factory error wrong hat): $10 8 SOLD
My little tales 2016 Pikachu keychain plush TTO (factory error wrong horse LOL): $10 8 SOLD

Latias&Latios gamefreak artwork: $8 SOLD
Espurr Wanted: $15 13 SOLD

Pokemon Time Togekiss clearfiles set of 2 NIP: $12 10 SOLD

2006 Banpresto Spring UFO Eevee TTO: $20 SOLD
It was missing the flower when I got it, I used some felt to refurbish the flower. Don't wash it.

Mystery mansion Mismagius (packages broken, 2 available): $4 SOLD
Mystery mansion Banette (packages broken): $4 SOLD

2015 Pokemon Center New Year clearfiles set of 2 (out of package but new): $10 SOLD

2010 USA Snorlax Pokedoll MWT: $38 SOLD

"It's demo" Eeveelution eye shadow plate NIP: $45 (rare item, and will be cross listed on ebay) SOLD
I bought 2 and originally wanted to use one and keep the other for display, but found out I don't have a chance to use it LOL
So I'm selling the NIP one. If you're very nervous about not being able to see the inner content, I can opened the seal and check it out for you ONLY after you have committed and paid!!!

trick pose Glaceon TTO (my dog tasted it's tail a little bit, see picture): $4 SOLD
trick pose Leafeon TTO: $6 SOLD
MPC Glaceon (no tag): $5 SOLD
MPC Leafeon (no tag): $5 SOLD

1:1 Eevee plush 2013 TTO: $30 SOLD
It has been in storage since I got it because I already have one MWT for display.
It's in like new condition.

Fomantis and Lurantis GX (holo) TCG cards mint from draw: $5 for 2 SOLD

Koreon sleeping Eevee plush MWT: $40 SOLD
I LOVE LOVE it and purchased two of these, but need some space and money now.
Originally paid 2980yen+500yen middleman fee+approx.1700yen international shipping for it.
It's about the same size as HQ Eevee and Twinkle Dream Eevee plush.

Suicune Pokedoll MWT: $35 SOLD

Korean Pokemon Center 2017 Eeveelution schedule NIP (sticker sheet included): $30 SOLD
Each page is different. Plastic cover is removable.
Although the front and back of this schedule have Eeveelutions on them, there're actually only 2 pages featuring Eevee and none of its evolutions are inside.
Most are starters and pikachu and the ones shown on the above picture.
I opened mine to take photo, what you receive will be sealed in package.

I also have a seperate sticker sheet from my own set for sale at $5.

Korean Pokemon Center Eeveelution notebook 1 NIP: $20 SOLD

Korean Pokemon Center Eeveelution notebook 2 NIP: $20 SOLD

Thickness of the above 2 notebooks shown here, pages are blank.

Korean Pokemon Center Eeveelution postcard 1: $12 SOLD

Korean Pokemon Center Eeveelution postcard 2: $12 SOLD

=========TCG Cards from Japanese version BW8 Plasma Freeze:SOLD========

I'm new to TCG so I'm not sure about the price, you're very welcome to make offers!

012 Vanilitte C
013 Vanillish C
014 Vanilluxe U
010 Wooper C
011 Quagsire U
015 Cryogonal U
016 Kyurem R (holo)

013 Tympole C
014 Palpitoad C
015 Seismitoad U
010 Horsea C
011 Seadra C
038 Kingdra R (holo)

001 Weedle C
002 Kakuna C
003 Beedrill U
004 Cacnea C
005 Cacturne U
003 Treecko C
004 Grovyle C
005 Sceptile R (holo)

001 Exeggcute C
002 Exeggutor U
029 Makuhita C
030 Hariyama C
028 Nidoking U
030 Onix C
028 Mankey C
029 Primape C

017 Chinchou C
018 Lanturn C
019 Zekrom R (holo)
020 Thundurus EX R (holo)
017 Voltorb C
018 Electrode R (holo)
019 Pachirisu C

034 Sandile C
035 Krokorok C
036 Krookodile U
031 Sneasel C
032 Weavile U
033 Absol R (holo)
034 Deino C
035 Zweilous C
036 Hydreigon R (holo)

032 Pawniard C
033 Bisharp U
043 Starly C
044 Staravia C
045 Staraptor U
037 Mawile C

040 Rattata C
041 Raticate U
043 Hoothoot C
044 Noctowl U
046 Kecleon U
045 Miltank C
037 Steelix U

020 Nidoran C
021 Nidorina C
022 Nidoqueen U
021 Nidoran C
022 Nidorino C
023 Mr.Mine U
026 Yamask C
027 Cofagrigus R (holo)

025 Beldum C
026 Metang C
027 Metagross R (holo)
023 Grimer C
024 Muk U
038 Dratini C
039 Dragonair C
040 Dragonite R (holo)

007 Litwik C
008 Lampent C
009 Chandelure R (holo)
008 Reshiram R (holo)

048 Float stone U               $2
049 Shadow triad U            $0.2
047 Team Plasma ball U     $0.2
051 Plasma energy U         $0.2
050 Rock guard R (holo)     $5
050 Life dew R (holo)          $7
048 Ghetsis U                     $1
049 Frozen city U               $0.2
047 Superior energy retrieval U  $1

039 Latios EX R (holo)    $8
025 Deoxys EX R (holo)    $6
006 Heatran EX R (holo)     $6
054 Latios EX full art SR (holo)     $16
053 Deoxys EX full art SR (holo)    $16
020 Thundurus EX R (holo)     $2
055 Professor Juniper full art SR (holo)     $16
055 Ghetsis full art SR (holo)     $16
046 Tornadus EX R (holo)     $3

============Cards from Japanese version XY6:SOLD=============

take all the above 10 cards from XY6 for $2.
8 of them are common and 2 are uncommon.

2016 World Championships deck, including 60 cards (see list above)  $10 SOLD
Pikachu metal pin: $3 SOLD

Yokohama Pokemon Center exclusive postcards:
Eevee/Sylveon: $8 ON HOLD
Umbreon/Espeon: $10 SOLD
Leafeon/Glaceon: $7 SOLD
(These can be shipped internationally if demanded, shipping will be $1.5 in an envelope as a plain letter, NO TRACKING and I'm not responsible if they ever get lost.)

Jakks Manaphy plush TTO: $6 3 SOLD

Piplup hip pop parade (2 available): $3 SOLD
Pikachu hip pop parade: $3 SOLD

Buizel hip pop parade: $3 SOLD
Gen1 canvas: $8 SOLD

Mega Charizard X Pikachu: $5 SOLD
Mega Charizard Y Pikachu: $5 SOLD

Skitty Pokemon Time: $12 SOLD
Black&White: $10 SOLD

Poke mikke toothbrush and case (brand new without original package): $8 SOLD

Tomy AG sitting Eevee plush TTO: $75 68 SOLD
(This is lower than the original price I paid for it. 4001yen from Y!J + 780yen domestic shipping + 2000yen international shipping + middleman fee.)

San-ei all star Eevee TTO: $14 SOLD
2009 Eevee canvas MWT: $40 38 SOLD

San-ei all star Altaria TTO: $14 SOLD
Pokebox Mimikyu wrist pillow: $15 SOLD

Whimsicott mascot: $18 SOLD
Cottonee Pokedoll USA MWT: $12 SOLD

Grimer Pokedoll TTO (has S sticker and has a small black mark inside tush tag): $50 SOLD

BOOTLEG Mega Ampharos (legs re-sewn into sitting position): $2 or free with other purchase GIVEN AWAY

And here's a non-Pokemon item but I'll throw it here quickly:
Hinata Shoyo 1st edition Nendoroid
Ordered from Good Smile Shanghai in 2015.
Only opened once to check components, everything is like new, 1st edition exclusive rubber strap included.
It will need to go in a box with priority shipping, but I'll take care of that.
Asking $70 OBO shipped in the US.

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