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Pokemon Sales

Sales permission granted August 23rd, 2016 by areica96.
My community feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/fdarkly/
All community rules apply.
Minimum purchase $2 please! (Effective from 10/29/2018)
I'm only selling to members of PKMNCOLLECTORS community and I will not sell to banned or non members.
I only accept Paypal as paying method.
Prices are in USD, prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees.
Payments should be sent within 24 hours, or I'll move on to the next customer.
I currently only ship inside USA. I may or may not be willing to ship internationally, you're welcome to ask. If I have time to go to the post office I'll be glad to ship international packages.
I have a dog but he's not allowed to touch my items.
Shipping is from CA, starts from $3 for plastic/bubble mailer or $.5 for small flats in an envelope.
When I ship large flats, I use a card board to protect them, which means shipping will start from $3.
I sometimes use recycled packaging, if you don't want me to do this please let me know before you buy.
I don't ship on weekends or holidays. Weekend orders will be shipped on the next Monday.
I'm not responsible for any lost or damaged package after I ship it out. I can send you a picture of your package before I ship it, only on demand. Please let me know if you need it before you buy.
Haggling is generally NOT accepted, except for items marked as OBO (or best offer). Willing to give discounts on large orders.
Please don't back out on your order, or I won't sell to you in the future.
Please clearly say you are committed if you want to buy an item, quotes do NOT have priority over commitments.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll be happy to answer.

Some of my items are cross listed on ebay and ebay has priority. I'll do my best to take items off ebay once committed to reduce conflict.

MWT=mint with tag
TTO=tush tag only
NIP=new in package

Last update: 11/27/2019

===Washi tape sample size===
I tried to display the tapes as much as possible. One "cycle" of each kind of tape is shown on the pictures. I'll wind them on plastic sheets when I ship them, and when you purchase more than one cycle of a design, I'll keep it continious for you.

The pictures are BIG just click to see all the details. Each person can purchase up to 3 cycles of each design

A1 to A55 are official tapes.

A1: $1.2 per cycle (it's a long cycle... had to cut it to show on the picture but you'll receive it with no cut in middle)
A2: $0.5 per cycle (it's a long cycle... had to cut it to show on the picture but you'll receive it with no cut in middle)
A3: $0.5 per cycle
A4 to A8: $0.3 per cycle
A9 and A10: $1 per cycle SOLD OUT
A11 and A12: $0.5 per cycle
A13: $1.5 per cycle (I don't have much left on this design) SOLD OUT
A14: $0.8 per cycle SOLD OUT
A15: $0.5 per cycle (limited quantity) SOLD OUT
A16 to A19: $0.4 per cycle
A20: $1.2 per cycle (very long cycle)
A21: $0.5 per cycle
A22 to A24: $0.4 per cycle
A25: $0.3 per cycle
A26: $0.4 per cycle
A27 to A29: $0.3 per cycle
A30: $0.2 per cycle (very short cycle each person can purchase up to 6)
A31: $0.1 per 2 cycles (very short cycle each person can purchase up to 10)
A32 to A36: $0.4 per cycle
A37: $0.8 per cycle SOLD OUT
A38: $0.3 per cycle (very short cycle each person can purchase up to 6)
A39 and A40: $0.5 per cycle
A41 to A43: $0.3 per cycle
A44 and A45: $0.5 per cycle
A46: $0.8 per cycle
A47: $0.4 per cycle
A48: $0.5 per cycle
A49: $0.4 per cycle
A50-A55: $0.4 per cycle

B1 to B36 are Doujin tapes that I bought in the recent years, some are no longer produced by the artists and I don't have many cycles available.

B1 and B2: $0.6 per cycle
B3: $1.5 per cycle
B4: $0.8 per cycle
B5: $0.5 per cycle (this is a cut-and-joint design and I recommend buying 2 cycles at a time)
B6: $0.3 per cycle
B7: $1 per cycle (not much left)
B8 to B10: $0.6 per cycle
B11 and B12: $0.8 per cycle
B13: $0.3 per cycle (very short cycle each person can purchase up to 6)
B14: $0.8 per cycle
B15 to B17: $0.6 per cycle
B18: $0.3 per cycle (very short cycle each person can purchase up to 6)
B19: $1 per cycle
B20 to B22: $1.2 per cycle (these are super long and wide, they have an embossed sheen on them, see additional picture)
B23 and B24: $0.6 per cycle
B25 and B26: $0.4 per cycle
B27 and B28: $1 per cycle (B27 has embossed effect and I have very limited amount)
B29: $0.3 per cycle (very short cycle each person can purchase up to 6)
B30: $0.5 per cycle
B31: $0.7 per cycle (silver foil effect)
B32: $0.8 per cycle (very limited amount available)
B33: $0.6 per cycle (whole roll available, $12)
B34: $0.6 per cycle
B35: $0.3 per cycle
B36: $1 per cycle (gold foil effect)

Mind that even washi tapes are super durable and can be used many many times, you should be really careful not to put the sticky sides together as this may ruin your tape. Once I receive your order and cut the tape for you, you can't back out on your order/ask for replacing for another design/return it or so on.

I can ship the tapes in envelope as regular mail if you want, and international shipping (no tracking) is also available.

===sample size stickers and memo paper===

Line arts stickers set of 25: $4
They're made of sleek fabric with reflective finish, and are very hard to picture.

Eeveelution dot sprite memo paper set of 5 sheets: $1

Eevee letter paper 4 sheets + 2 envelopes: $2
can be shipped as regular letter but paper need to be folded, please let me know how you want them to be shipped.

Eevee large note paper 3 sheets + sticky notes 2 pieces: $1
can be shipped as regular letter but paper need to be folded, please let me know how you want them to be shipped.

Ditto promo large memo paper set of 7 sheets: $1.5

2018 Halloween stickers set of 23: $2.5 SOLD OUT

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX stickers set of 16: $2.5 SOLD OUT

Kokeshi stickers set of 16: $2.5 (unfortunately I only got 1 Pikachu w blue bg in this pack, I can substitute it w sometihing you like) SOLD

Memo paper mix&match $1 for 3 or take the sets
Prices are for LOOSE PIECES not for a whole stack of memo paper!!!
Each person can purchase up to 3 pieces of each design.

It's Demo Eeveelution 2018 memo paper set of 4 sheets: $1

It's Demo Eeveelution 2018 sticky note paper set of 5 sheets: $1

Happy Party Time memo paper set of 4 sheets: $1

It's Demo Eeveelution 2015 memo paper set of 4 sheets: $1

It's Demo Vulpix Ninetales sticky note paper set of 5 sheets: $1

various Doujin Pokemon memo paper sheets set of 6: $1

2018 Halloween memo paper set of 4 sheets: $1

2017 Halloween note paper set of 4 sheets: $1

2018 Easter note paper set of 6 sheets: $1.5

Showa-notes Pokemon stars memo paper set of 12 sheets: $3 SOLD OUT


Tomy Pichu mascot plush 2010: $8 SOLD
Totodile mascot plush: $5

everything in this picture MWT
Pokeball plush: $5
Halloween Bewear: $13 SOLD
Pikachu with hat: $8 SOLD
Crochet Pikachu: $16 SOLD
Alolan Vulpix Pokedoll: $15
Popplio mascot plush: $6 SOLD
Rowlet Pokemon Time mascot plush: $10 SOLD
Rowlet OA mascot plush: $6 SOLD
Alolan Vulpix Pokemon Time mascot plush: $10

Riolu and Lucario large Kororin friends plush TTO: $15 each

Lycanroc Pokemon Center USA plushes MWT: $20 each SOLD: midday
Tomy Rockruff plush MWT: $10

Pokemon Center 2015 plushes
Vaporeon JP TTO: $10 SOLD
Flareon USA TTO: $10
Jolteon USA TTO: $10

Korean 3rd round small Eevee plush TTO: $5 2 SOLD
Sho-bi Pikachu fuzzy popcorn pouch (popcorn expired): $10 5
Budew Jakks plush TTO: $2 SOLD
Tomy Pansage plush TTO: $2
Stunfisk canvas plush (small stain, tag creased): $1 SOLD
Tomy fuzzy Pichu plush TTO (has small stain, tush tag has faded): $5 2 SOLD
Banpresto Froakie plus TTO: $3 1 SOLD
Tomy laying Buneary plush TTO: $10 5 SOLD
Banpresto Sandile mascot plush MWT: $3 1 SOLD
Banpresto MPC Excadrill (factory prototype, has pen marks on tag): $6 2 SOLD

===Charms, figures, tapes, straps, can badges and so on===

rare Look upon the stars pouch MWT: $49

Ditto figure
$5 each Only Mismagius left

Pokemon x Graniph shirt (factory reject): $55
Please do not purchase unless you clearly understand what factory reject means and you don't feel bad about it!!!
Size S, it runs a little large on me (I'm 5'3), I think it will fit most girls. the tags have been cut.

Eevee & Melodies charms

Eevee: $6 each (3 available)
Vaporeon: $6 each (2 available)
Jolteon: $7 each (2 available)
Flareon: $8 each (2 available)
Espeon: $10 each (2 available)
Umbreon: $14
Glaceon: $8 each (3 available)
Sylveon: $7

They don't come with paper box, but they're all sealed in plastic package that came originally.

Eevee & Crystal drops charms

Eevee: $6 each (3 available)
Jolteon: $7 each SOLD
Espeon: $7 each SOLD
Umbreon: $8 each (2 available)
Glaceon: $8 each (2 available)
Sylveon: $7 each (2 available)

No paper box included.

Eevee & Melodies hand towels: $4 each

Espeon plate: $14 10
Sylveon plate: $14

Kanto Mini Friends empty tin with artwork card and coin: $4 each sold: Squirtle
I've opened the TCG packs and they're not included.

Eevee mofu mofu slippers: $20
They're too small for me. I wear size 6.

Eevee charms x2 and sticker sheet: $24

Johto can badge: $2
Pokeball metal chain: $3

Pikachu Alola friends tissue box cover: $8
Pikachu pouch: $8

Koreon Pokemon Center Eevee Pikachu pass case w lanyard: $20
Koreon Pokemon Center Eevee Pikachu cell phone metalic sticker: $10
Munch Pikachu acrylic charm: $8 SOLD

factory reject hand towels
SOLD: Espeon&Umbreon rose, look upon the stars, first row
Please don't buy if you're not sure what factory reject means!!! They have no tush tag/price tag, may have minor imperfection, and they're cheap :)

Eevee and flowers metal charm (no paper box)
Eevee: $8 SOLD
Vaporeon: $8 SOLD
Umbreon: $14 SOLD
Espeon: $14 SOLD
Leafeon: $18 (multiples available)
Sylveon: $6

Pikachu and Eevee friends
hand towel (top left): $8
hand towel (top right): $8
drawstring dice bag (bottom): $10 SOLD

(everything in this picture is fan made)
A- water type plastic hand fan: $4 SOLD
B- Alain with mega Charizard hoodie and Charmander large acrylic charms w base: $5
C- starters sticker sheet: $2.5 SOLD
D- Espeon can badge: $1.5 SOLD
E,F,G- mini dot sprite charm: $0.5 each or free with other purchase
H- N with Snivy and Tympole acrylic charm: $2 SOLD
I,J- Popplio Rowlet rubber charms: $1.5 each SOLD
K- starters rubber pass case w lanyard: $5

Glaceon metal pin: $4 SOLD
Vaporeon mini puzzle (new in package): $3
Whimsicott mini stamp: $1 or free with other purchase
Wooper Tomy charm: $5
Umbreon clip (used): $1.5 SOLD
Espeon metal charm: $1.5 or free with other purchase SOLD

Eeveelution charms I made: $2 each
I decorated them with sparkling stickers on top but they can be easily removed. Sylveon, Jolteon sold

bath figures: $5 each SOLD: Charmander
fan made Eevee can badge: $2.5 (pen for size reference)

Pokebox coins: $50 for shiny Glaceon, $30 each for the rest Espeon sold


Pokebox Umbreon and Vaporeon 2015 dangly metal charms: $20 each SOLD: Umbreon
Pokebox Ampharos line metal charms: $30 each or $85 shipped for 3 SOLD
Pokebox Pikachu bookmarks set: $3 Sold
Pokebox 2014 Vaporeon and Sylveon metal charms: $20 each (only selling one of each) Only one Sylveon available
Pokebox Flareon Lollipop charm 1st edition (no package): $10 SOLD
Pokebox Riolu Lucario charm set: $40 (not very willing to let it go, price may seem high, sorry)

for the rest of the Pokebox items in the picture but not priced, I would prefer trading for things on my wants list but if you're desperately looking for some of them, ask me.

Charizard: $10 SOLD
rare wink Eevee: $25 $20
Flareon: $8 SOLD
Jolteon: $8 SOLD
wink Charmander: $12 8
Vulpix: $3
Growlithe: $6 SOLD
Mewtwo: $3.5 SOLD
Magnemite, Poliwag, Kadabra, Electabuzz, Exeggcute, Clefairy, Wigglytuff, Dugtrio, Oddish, Jynx, Gastly, Nidoran: $1 each

normal lego pieces free with purchase
large Pokeball free with order $30 or more (has yellow stains on bottom half & will increase shipping fee)

Cottonee & Whimsicott metal charms set: $6
Wooper & Quagsire metal charms set: $6 SOLD
Corsola metal charm: $3.5 SOLD
Growlithe & Arcanine metal charms set: $7
Pikachu mega tokyo Charizard poncho metal pins set: $20
Rockruff & Lycanroc metal charms set: $9
Buizel & Floatzel metal charms set: $6 SOLD

Eevee's tail clearfile set: $10 8
Eevee Petit JP TTO: $6 SOLD
Eevee place mat and coaster set: $10 8(seem to have been used by previous owner, no hang tag, no original package) SOLD

Kuji mirror purple: $6
Glaceon and Sylveon acrylic charm: $8 SOLD

2016 Easter wooden clip: $3 each or take all $12 Take the 3 left for $6
SOLD: Piplup, Chansey

===Notebooks, books, TCG and sleeves, postcards, stickers, shoppers and other flats===

Munch Mimikyu TCG mint, never played, sleeved after I took it out of the package. $135 (click to see full size picture)

Pokemon Center 20th Anniversary Yokohama limited Eeveelution A4 clear posters x 2 and pamphlet: $55 (click to see full size picture)
Very rare, the pamphlet is half finished with stamps, see picture.
Also extra poster (the one on the left) is available $25

Doujin sticker sheet: $2.5 each

Doujin bookmarks (A): $0.5 each
Gengar x1, Cyndaquill x1, Totodile x1, Slowpoke x1, all else x2 in stock

Doujin Eeveelution bookmarks set of 9: $5

Doujin bookmarks (B): $0.5 each SOLD: Piplup, Psyduck, Rowlet

Doujin postcards set A: $0.5 each row1-left, row2-all, row3-middle and right sold

Doujin postcards set B: $0.5 each
Sold: top row-middle and right, middle row-all, bottom row-middle

My 151 stickers:
row 1: $2 each Only Arcanine left
row 2: $1 each Sold: Zeraora blue, Machok

My151 stickers: $1 each Only blue one left

Project Eevee x Lawson fried chicken paper box (used, has oil stains inside): $8 5

Pokemon Center limited clear postcards set of 6: $20

Banpresto posters: $10 each, 23 inches x 16 inches Sold: top left
Zeraora sun visor sheet: $3 (sheet folded by previous owner) SOLD

New Year postcards: $1 each or $3 for 4 (2 of each kind left)
New Year sticker sheet: $3

tretta with TCG card (new in package): $2 each Only one Hoopa left
Tepig tretta: $0.5 or free with other purchase

rare Pokemon Center Eeveelution prize stickers set of 3: $20

USA Eeveelution poncho card sleeves: $0.3 each (54 available)
USA Espeon Umbreon card sleeves: $0.3 each (60 available) SOLD
USA Mimikyu card sleeves: $0.3 each (54 available)
Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales card sleeves: $2 each (4 available)
Eevee Espeon Umbreon card sleeves: $1 each (12 available)
Mareep TCG card sleeves: $1 each (9 available)
Sylveon Poncho card sleeves: $0.3 each (18 available)
USA Pokedoll card sleeves: $0.5 each (45 available)
hyaku Poke yako card sleeves: $0.3 each (48 available)
(will give discounts if you buy a lot)

Eevee Pokemon Center shopper: $15
It has been folded by the previous owner and has been used


Mimikyu Pokemon time clearfiles set of 2: $5

EVs clearfiles $10 6 each Jolteon Vaporeon  Flareon sold

EVs funny clearfiles $8 4 each or $14 for 4

Eevee Collection 2009 mini clearfile set of 2: $15 6

Petit Latias&Latios set: $8 SOLD
Petit Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip set: $5

2012 Christmas: $10
Xerneas: $5 SOLD

Mega Audino Pikachu: $2 SOLD
Mega Sableye Pikachu: $2

Crogunk white: $3
Crogunk green: $3


I would prefer you choose 1 for every $5 you spend. Or just name your price and take them home :)
Some are in used condition!

Pokemon With You postcards (used condition!)
Gone: Snivy, Magikarp, Xernease

coins are hard to recognize in the picture, they are Dusknoir, Heatran, Garchomp, and Leafeon. The meowth thing is a roll of tape.
Top two figures in plastic bags are ORAS pre-order bonus figures.
Gone: both ORAS figures, Glaceon strap, Leafeon coin, Chespin tin, Crabrawler charms, all 3 figures

Records of all sold items have been moved to a seperate post here, for your reference.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
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